self-managed Superannuation

Self-Managed Superannuation

Do you understand the SMSF compliance risks?

Making the decision to setup your own superannuation fund comes with a lot of responsibility and involves significant time and effort. Thankfully, CM Accountants can help assist with your self-managed superannuation fund and annual compliance requirements.

Our administration and audit services are a cost effective way to ensure your self-managed superannuation is compliant.

It’s important to understand there are many complexities and risks to be aware of with a self-managed superannuation fund including trustee responsibilities and compliance obligations. If you’re looking for self-managed superannuation compliance advice, CM Accountants can help you.

• End of year financial statements.

• Compliance minutes.

• Income tax return.

• Attendance to or organising annual audits.

• Business activity statements. 

• Annual audits of financial statements. 

Prepare your SMSF for compliance.

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