Specialist Services

Specialist Services

Starting a business or time to sell,
we’ve got you covered

We help businesses in all stages of their accounting financial journey – whether you’re 
just starting out or well established.

CM Accountants specialist services are designed to meet the needs of your business. Whether you are starting a new business, looking to have a financial health check, or selling your business.

For existing businesses, our services cover business structure, financial health checks,
and succession planning – we collaborate with you on your small or medium sized business.

Looking to start up a new business, there is an array of requirements, and we can steer
you in the right direction.

Business Start Up & Structure

With constant changes in Australian tax laws, it can be difficult to keep up with the requirements for your business. CM Accountants understands business, we want to make sure that the advice you receive from us works for you both personally and professionally.

To succeed in your new business start up, we help lay the foundations and phases of business registrations, structures and costs.

Financial Health Checks

Whether you’re looking at analysing the financial performance of your business or ensuring that your finances are in shape, financial health checks are a great way to evaluate your priorities and make changes.

If your business is facing good or bad times, it is important to always have risk management strategies in place. Undergoing a financial health check will help your business lead to long-term growth.

CM Accountants applies a full financial health check on your business financials and uncovers ways to grow
and develop from your newfound information.

Succession Planning &
Business Disposal

There comes a time when you’re thinking about leaving your business. This could be to sell or retire, so it’s important to plan and organise for that day. Although 80% of business owners intend to retire in the
next 10 years, three quarters of all owners do not have a succession plan.

Succession planning isn’t as simple as handing over the keys to your business to someone else. It’s outlining a smooth transition so you can maximise the value of your business and help to meet future needs.
A steady and progressively managed transition means less likelihood of disruptions to operations and staff.

Going through your business assets, CM Accountants will check through:

• Current value of the business.
• Sale details.
• Buyout details.
• Taxation.

Having a thorough succession plan in place is important to ensure that you‘re prepared for any changes. Being equipped for a range of scenarios will ensure you secure the most suitable outcome that will have a lasting and positive impact on your business.

Let CM Accountants organise and prepare a guide to assist in the development
and completion of your succession.

Business Start Up
& Structure

  • Professional advice to
    prepare your start up.
  • We help lay the foundations
    of your business.
  • Ensuring that your new start up business complies with tax laws.

Financial Health Checks

  • Provide an in-depth report of
    your business finances.
  • Adding value to your business and understanding potential for growth.
  • Helps explore your goals and make sure that you’re on track.

Succession Planning & Business Disposal

  • Prepare and document business succession plans.
  • Identifying future leaders.
  • Understand your professional circumstances to prepare for succession.

We can help through every stage of your business.

Whether you’re looking to sell your business or establish a new owner, CM Accountants have the knowledge and expertise to help transition during this period. Find out how we can help and get in touch today.

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