Cloud Accounting

Cloud Accounting

Are you ready for
Cloud Accounting?

One of the best things to happen to business owners is the development and creation of cloud accounting.
By using the internet to access software and storage, cloud accounting runs on servers where you
can access information at anytime.

Cloud-based accounting offers benefits including:

• Information being updated and accessed from any computer and device anywhere in the world.
• Ability for owners to interact with their accountant in real time instead of having to send
data files each time.

• The provider will automatically update the software to keep it up-to-date with new
versions and security patches.

• Software monthly fee is usually less than the cost of purchasing software.
• Easily pay staff in seconds and keep on top of PAYG.
• Send customisable and track-able invoices that clients can pay right away.
• See your business reports at a glance.

Cloud accounting is the most effective system in processing invoices and budgets.

We are a Xero Certified Partner and have access to all the tools, training and support to stay ahead.

Setup and Transfer to
Cloud Accounting

Is your business looking at making the big switch? CM Accountants can set up and organise or transfer your data from software to cloud accounting system.

An increasing number of businesses, particularly start-ups, are choosing to use cloud based accounting software to process their day-to-day transactions, managing cash flow, keep track of purchases and payments and cut back on operating costs.

Opting for cloud accounting will drastically reduce your time spent on manual data entry. It’s the easiest way to stress less during tax time as all finance documents are in the one system.


There is a fair amount of work involved in organising payroll payments and ensuring that you are contributing the right amount to taxes. As a business owner, you’ll understand that time is important, and going through tedious admin and accounting tasks can take hours of your time. Why waste precious time when you can do it through cloud accounting?

With payroll accounting software, you can quickly and easily pay your employees with the click of a button.

Tax time won‘t be as stressful as all payslips and records are available for you to review on the cloud. This will ensure your business complies with single touch payroll reporting obligations, mandated by the Australian Tax Office.

Cloud Accounting

  • Cut back on operating costs and time.
  • Able to access all files and folders on the cloud from anywhere.
  • Cloud storage provides extra layers of security protocols.

Easy Setup & Transfer

  • Manage cashflow from anywhere in the world.
  • Easy to setup and organise.
  • Say goodbye to accounting software and say hello to cloud accounting.


  • Properly maintain your business’ payroll and access bookkeeping records.
  • Compliance with Australia’s wage and tax regulations.
  • Free yourself and your staff to focus on other areas of business – and minimise the risk of errors.

Want to free up
your time?

Cloud accounting is a great start to reducing your working hours, and spending more time on what matter’s most. Speak with CM Accountants about
transitioning to cloud accounting today.

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